NEuropa - Food System Change Online Congress

Food system niches in Europe for the transformation of the food system

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In order to transform the current food system into an environmentally friendly, sustainable system, it requires the increasing implementation of sustainable niche innovations in Europe. Therefore, this project aims at facilitating and promoting the exchange between diverse European niche players in the food system. Next to the niche players themselves, also representatives from associations and federations from the environmental and nature protection sector as well as companies, foundations, journalists and citizens from all over Europe are invited to participate.

This exchange takes place via the "Food System Change Online Congress" and through the long-term use of the digital networking and communication platform This is intended to support the civil society transfer and dissemination of European niche innovations into the mainstream of the German and European food systems.

In particular, this exchange aims at supporting active niche players to expand their network, to learn from other initiatives throughout Europe and to optimize their processes accordingly. In addition, other actors who are not yet implementing niche projects can inform themselves and initiate similar projects elsewhere, so that the niche can grow into the mainstream. Due to the large number of different niches, which address different sustainability goals and can be assigned to different process stages, the transformation of the food system is viewed holistically and synergy effects, also between the niches, can unfold.



This project is based on two previous projects that focused on the identification of niche innovations in Germany (TransfErn) and in Europe (NEuropa) as well on their potential with regard to sustainability and the transformation of the food system. The results of these two projects are presented in three UBA publications (TransfErn, NEuropa - German version, NEuropa - English version) and the FoodSy map.


The following working steps are taken for the successful implementation of the project:

  • Survey of associations, federations, foundations and companies as well as Europe-wide niche players in order to take into account their wishes, interests and priorities, e.g. with regard to the niche selection and the organization of the Food System Change Online Congress
  • Planning and coordination with speakers for the different sessions at the Food System Change Online Congress
  • Cooperation with niche initiatives for the creation of video project presentations for the Food System Change Online Congress
  • Implementation of the Food System Change Online Congress (participation free of charge)
  • Creation and distribution of the free congress material (including recordings of the online congress, exhibition posters, video project presentations)

Contact person


Helen Engelhardt

Office Berlin


Funded by
German Environment Agency


06/2020 – 05/2021